Thank you, Leteria [Bailey], for that kind introduction. And thank you all for your tireless efforts and strong leadership to support women and girls of color across America. I want to recognize a few of my outstanding colleagues we just heard from: [Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Education] Catherine Lhamon, [Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Justice Programs] Karol Mason, [Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council] Cecilia Muñoz, [Director of the Women’s Bureau at the Department of Labor] Latifa Lyles and [Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health at the Department of Health and Human Services] Nadine Gracia. Across the Obama Administration, we all believe that empowering girls today – providing them a seat at the table and defending their civil rights – will help our country reach its full potential tomorrow. How we treat women and girls of color, how we lift each other up and how we inspire one another changes lives. It strengthens families. And it transforms communities.


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