This conference represents the Department of Justice at its best. The Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) developed the idea for this conference as part of the Department’s Fraud Identification Center (FIC), which was established a couple years ago with the goal of gathering and analyzing industry data to detect financial frauds as they emerge. The FIC includes teams of attorneys and analysts from the Criminal Division, the Civil Division, and the EOUSA. We are leveraging the Department’s nationwide resources and diverse expertise to protect the public by applying cutting-edge capabilities to shut down novel ways of committing crimes. This conference is designed to train our U.S. Attorney community to join in the fight. We are also joined by our law enforcement and regulatory partners, as well as partners from the private sector. Let me thank each of you for your commitment to combat complex fraud schemes that affect Americans every single day—especially those that are rooted in new cyber technologies and internet-based lending or trading platforms.


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