Good morning.  It is a pleasure to join you all again on behalf of the Attorney General for today’s Elder Justice Coordinating Council meeting.  Before starting my brief remarks, I wanted to thank Edwin and his team for organizing not just today’s meeting, but the many previous meetings as well.  Planning and organizing these meetings consumes a tremendous amount of time and effort, so I wanted to express the department’s gratitude to Administration for Community Living (ACL) for taking the laboring oar the past several years so that the council could focus on the important work at hand.  I also want to acknowledge some of the many folks from the Department of Justice who have dedicated so much of their time and talent to moving our Elder Justice Initiative forward and who I know many of you know and work with every day in our terrific cooperative efforts – Andy Mao, Susan Lynch, Richard Goldberg, who you will hear from later on, as well as Julie Childs, Maria Shumar, Shelly Jackson, Jamie Davis and Sid Stahl.    


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