Thank you, Sally [Yates], for your kind words, for your friendship, and for your invaluable partnership. You are an extraordinary leader, a groundbreaking pioneer, and one of the most talented lawyers I have ever encountered. You have served our nation with incredible grace and dedication throughout your career. And from the Deputy Attorney General’s chair, you have been an incredible champion for justice. You have made our criminal justice system more effective and more fair, and you have been a vital partner to President Obama in the Clemency Initiative. Your personal involvement, and that of your team, has been extraordinary. You have sent the clarion message that individuals must take accountability for the reckless conduct of their corporations. And you have been tireless in reforming our prison system to improve the conditions of incarceration and to ensure that inmates receive a meaningful second chance at life outside of prison. There are literally thousands of people whose lives have been changed for the better because of you. I could not have asked for a better Deputy Attorney General to be by my side.


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