Thank you, Chief [Terence] Cunningham, for that kind introduction; for your exemplary service as Chief of the Wellesley Police Department; and for your outstanding leadership of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).  I also want to thank Vince Talucci and all of the IACP’s executive officers for their work on behalf of our nation’s law enforcement personnel.  I want to acknowledge my friend and colleague Jürgen Stock, the Secretary General of Interpol, which has been a critical partner to the Department of Justice on a number of vital issues, from cybersecurity to human trafficking.  And of course, I want to thank all of you, the dedicated men and women who wear the badge.  You are the backbone not only of the IACP, but of the communities you serve throughout the United States.  Each and every day, you and your colleagues offer your lives for ours to keep us safe and I am so grateful for your courage, your commitment and your selflessness.  On countless days and in countless ways, you make real the commitment that is bone deep in all of you – to protect and to serve.  Please know that you have a staunch ally and a willing partner in this Department of Justice.


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