Thank you for that kind introduction, Chase (Browndorf). It is a pleasure to be back at Harvard Law School. I am so pleased to see at this alumni event many friends from my time here. It is a special honor to share a speaking role at this symposium with classmates who have become leaders in law, business, and public policy: Johnathan Skrmetti, Annie Donaldson Talley, Katie Biber Chen, Sarah Harris, Jeff Harris, Judge Andrew Oldham, and Assistant Attorney General Beth Williams.  In particular, I would like to congratulate Beth, whom you are honoring tonight with an award. She is most deserving. Beth was one of the first people I met when I entered law school, and she stood out as then as intelligent, principled, and hard working. She also stood out for her warmth and generosity. All these years later, we are now colleagues at the Department of Justice and I am pleased to report that those good qualities that distinguished her during our law school days have only strengthened. We are fortunate at DOJ to have Beth in the critical role of Assistant Attorney General for Legal Policy.


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