Thank you, Nancy, for that kind introduction. And thank you to the Association [of Air Pollution Control Agencies], Nancy Vehr, and your 2019 President, for having me. Congratulations to Marc Cone. Thank you to Jason [Sloan] and all of those who worked so hard to coordinate this event. 

I’m very happy to join you today, though a bit tired. I was actually in Seattle yesterday afternoon, your time, to argue a case for EPA in the Ninth Circuit, so I flew across the country last night to be here with you. 

I am the Principal Deputy to Jeffrey Bossert Clark, our Assistant Attorney General (AAG), who took office last November after he was confirmed by the Senate. He wishes he could have been here himself, but he had a conflict he could not resolve.

I have been with the Department of Justice for just over two years now and, other than a clerkship with a federal judge after law school, this is my first experience in the federal government. 

I, like you, served in state government, at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, where I worked on the Secretary’s policy staff on air pollution, waste and land remediation, and radiation issues.

It is, however, a great privilege to work with Jeff and the rest of the Department’s leadership, as well as the talented career staff of the Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD). We have an extremely talented and dedicated group of lawyers who are dedicated to their work, and often put in long hours.



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