Former Tallassee Police investigator Brandan Smirnoff, 27, was sentenced to 22 months in prison for assaulting a handcuffed, 24-year-old man. Smirnoff encountered the victim, J.M., after a vehicle pursuit. After officers pursued J.M. for several minutes on a four-wheeler, J.M. stepped off the four-wheeler, laid face down on the ground, and allowed several Tallassee police officers to handcuff him. While J.M. was handcuffed and compliant, Smirnoff lifted him into the air and slammed him to the ground. Smirnoff then lifted the victim into the air and slammed him to the ground a second time. Moments later, before Smirnoff placed the victim into a patrol car, Smirnoff slammed the victim’s head into the side of the vehicle. Throughout the assault, the victim was handcuffed, compliant, and did not pose a threat.   


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