Today, Texas is seeking to join the United States, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Dakota in the suit and proposed settlement relating to the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. The settlement requires a substantial divestiture package in order to launch Dish Network Corp., a Colorado-based satellite television provider, as a fourth nationwide provider of retail mobile wireless services. The settlement also will expedite the deployment of multiple high-quality 5G networks for the benefit of American consumers and entrepreneurs.
The Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division announced today that it completed a nearly two-year long investigation into the standard-setting activities of the GSM Association (“GSMA”), a trade association for mobile network operators. The Antitrust Division’s investigation revealed that, in recent years, the GSMA used its industry influence to steer the design of eSIMs technology in mobile devices. In response to the investigation, the GSMA has drafted new standard-setting procedures that will incorporate more input from non-operator members of the mobile communications industry. The new standard-setting process will have a greater likelihood of creating procompetitive benefits for consumers of mobile devices; it will also curb the ability of mobile network operators to use the GSMA standard as a way to avoid new forms of disruptive competition that the eSIMs technology may unleash.
The Department of Justice today announced that Zachary Clark, 40, was arrested today in Brooklyn, New York.  Clark is charged in a criminal Complaint with attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization, and distributing bomb-making instructions.  Clark is expected to be presented later today before Magistrate Judge Robert W. Lehrburger in Manhattan federal court.
The Justice Department announced today the publication of its updated Policy on the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. In light of advancements in unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology, and lessons learned from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s limited use of UAS, the Policy enables the Department of Justice’s law enforcement components to safely and responsibly employ UAS technology within a framework designed to provide accountability and protect privacy and civil liberties.


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