Law enforcement officials have arrested 11 individuals alleging harboring and transporting of undocumented aliens within the country
A total of 11 people are in custody following an enforcement operation in two separate, but related cases involving a heroin trafficking conspiracy
A 34-year-old man who recently resided in Spring, now of Royse City, has been ordered to federal prison for enticing a minor and the unlawful making of a National Firearms Act weapon
A 40-year-old undocumented immigrant found as a stowaway on a boat at the Port of Houston has pleaded guilty to illegal re-entry after deportation
A federal jury has returned guilty verdicts on all 19 counts as charged against a Houston doctor for distributing oxycodone and hydrocodone
Jimmy Ortiz, 25, of Cypress, has been ordered to prison for more than 11 years following his conviction of distribution of child pornography
A 51-year-old resident of Dickinson has been ordered to prison for nearly 20 years following his conviction of distribution, receipt and possession of child pornography
A 38-year-old resident of Mission has been ordered to prison for 120 months following his conviction of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine
A 32-year-old local man has been convicted of transferring obscene material to a 14-year-old girl
A 29-year-old man has been ordered to federal prison following his conviction as a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition


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